Postgraduate Medical Education Team

Welcome to the Postgraduate Medical Education Office.  As the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education, I oversee the education of our residents and the accreditation of the postgraduate programs at Queen's University.  Our office team is dedicated to providing a variety of services and resources to our learners and programs in a welcoming and supportive environment.

If you have any questions for our team, please do not hesitate to contact them directly.  I also welcome your questions and comments and can be emailed through my Assistant, Christine McCallum.

G. Ross Walker, MD, FRCSC, FACS
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education

To contact the Postgraduate Medical Education by phone, plese dial one of the following:
613.533.2543 - Postgraduate Medical Education Office main line
613.533.6000 - Queen's University automated switchboard, followed by the individual extension number listed below

Assessment and Evaluation
Laura McEwen, PhD
Director, Assessment and Evaluation 
The Director, Assessment and Evaluation collaborates with faculty members and residents to design, develop, and research the implementation of competency-based assessment systems. She also works with educational leadership to develop policy and processes to support innovation in competency-based assessment and program evaluation.   74918

Denise Jones
Program Manager
The Program Manager oversees the operations of the PGME Office.  She is also available to meet with residents to discuss transfers and other resident issues. 75431
Leslie Barroso
Registration Coordinator
The Registration Coordinator is responsible for registering new and returning residents and Clinical Fellows and updating their training status.  She works closely with the CPSO, CMPA, and a variety of other agencies and embassies. 77046

Office Assistant
The Office Assistant provides support to visitors and responds to general inquiries.  She is responsible for credentials verification and administers the resident awards program. 32543
Krista Knight
Program Coordinator
The Program Coordinator organizes all postgraduate educational events including conferences, workshops, educational programming, and OSCEs.  She coordinates the annual CaRMS process and also provides administrative support for the Clinician Investigator Program, the MD/PhD and MD/Master's program and the Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Council.  79325
Christine McCallum
Administrative Assistant
The Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to the Associate Dean and coordinates special events including convocation. 78831
Karen Spilchen
Accreditation Program Coordinator
The Accreditation Program Coordinator works closely with all postgraduate programs to coordinate accreditation activities.  This includes both internal and external reviews and on-site accreditation visits. She also coordinates various committee meetings including the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, PGY 1,  Subspecialty Committee meetings, the Resident Advisory Committee and the Education Advisory Board. 78105

Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) Extension
Damon Dagnone, MD, MSc, MMed, FRCPC
Special Assistant to the Associate Dean
Faculty Lead - CBME
The Faculty Lead for Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) works closely with all postgraduate programs to advise and assit with the transition to a competency-based curriculum. 77915
Jen Railer
Project Coordinator, CBME
The Project Coordinator for CBME supports the Faculty Lead for Competency-Based Medical Education and works exclusively on a variety of CBME-based projects and initiatives. 75276

Marketing and Recruitment Extension
Nicholas Snider
Director, Marketing and Recruitment
The Director of Recruitment and Marketing works closely with residency programs to develop projects and initiatives designed to successfully recruit top prospective residents to Queen's.  He also works with the Associate Dean on special projects and is responsible for postgraduate communications including website development and maintenance. 77579

Resident Health and Wellness Extension
Melissa Andrew, MD, MEd, FRCPC
Director of Resident Affairs
The Director of Resident Affairs provides assistance to residents who encounter personal and academic difficulties in their program and offers counselling in a confidential and welcoming environment.