Countdown to Postgraduate Accreditation - Three Weeks to Go!

Resident Involvement in Accreditation

As we move closer to the on-site survey next month, it’s important to look at the key role played by residents in the accreditation process.

Resident participation in accreditation is nothing new.  Residents have long held a well-defined role in this process, and their involvement in next month’s accreditation visit actually started several years ago. 

In order to prepare for accreditation, internal reviews were conducted of each residency program at Queen’s beginning in 2008.  During this process, programs were reviewed by teams of three comprised of a Queen’s Program Director, an external medical educator, and a current Queen’s resident.  Most Chief and Senior Residents at Queen’s were assigned to a specific review team.   In addition to the internal reviews conducted of our residency programs, an internal review of the Postgraduate Medical Education Office was also conducted and a resident was a part of the review team.  In both cases, resident input helped guide the Chair’s final report.  The internal review process is helpful as it not only helps identify strengths and weaknesses, but also gives participants an idea of what to expect during the on-site survey this October.

In order to help prepare residents for accreditation, the RCSPC were invited to Queen’s in April 2011.  They provided a resident information session that  reviewed the accreditation process, the Standards of Accreditation, and the role of residents in the process.  During the on-site visit, all residents from every program will meet with the survey teams in groups of twelve for an hour each.  During this time, the surveyors will focus on the Standards and will look for input on strengths and weaknesses, in addition to finding out more about the learning environment here.  Residents may be asked questions about the following topics:

  • Relationship with Program Director
  • Objectives
  • Educational experiences
  • Skills
  • Clinical experiences
  • Service / education balance
  • Increasing professional responsibility
  • Teaching sessions / protected time
  • Safety
  • Learning environment
  • Supervision
  • Evaluations of resident performance
  • CanMEDS teaching

While the survey teams from the CFPC and RCPSC will be asking all of the questions during the accreditation visit, residents also had the opportunity to submit feedback through a questionnaire produced by the Canadian Association of Internes and Residents (CAIR).  The CAIR/CFPC and CAIR/RCPSC Pre-Accreditation Surveys collect resident opinions of their residency programs covering topics like objectives, education, evaluation, call requirements, and the promotion of lifelong learning.  The feedback is then shared with the CAIR resident representative on the survey team.

Do you have questions about accreditation?    If so, please contact the Postgraduate Medical Education Office at 613-533-2543 or by email at



  • Be prepared!  It’s very important to read your program’s Pre-Survey Questionnaire (PSQ), which has been prepared and submitted to the College.  Request a copy from the Program Assistant.
  • For detailed information, download a copy of the CFPC/RCPSC General Standards of Accreditation at: