Countdown to Postgraduate Accreditation - One Week to Go!

Preparing for Next Week

October is almost here and with it will come the on-site survey of our postgraduate residency programs by members of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  
We are ready.  An internal review of every postgraduate program has been completed over the last two years.  Each Program Director, Division Chair, and Department Head has been invited to discuss their programs and survey preparations with the decanal team. Our preparatory accreditation workshops were well-attended this spring.  Program-specific pre-survey questionnaires were completed, reviewed, enhanced, and submitted this summer and the accreditation visit schedules have been finalized.

The accreditation process will present us with a week-long opportunity to showcase our achievements in postgraduate medical education by highlighting our strengths and celebrating our successes.  It will also encourage an open discussion of the challenges that remain.  From this comes a unique opportunity to demonstrate how those challenges are being addressed and by doing so, we may illustrate our processes for continuous quality improvement of our residency programs.

As you prepare for next week, we would like to offer you some final tips:

  • Be on time – the accreditation schedules are very full and it’s important that everyone keeps to their schedule. Don’t be late!
  • Know when and where your meetings will take place.  If you are unsure, check with your Postgraduate Program Assistant.
  • Details matter.  It’s important for you to know as much about your program as possible and you can best do this by reviewing the pre-survey questionnaire.
  • Be prepared to help demonstrate your program’s strengths and successes.
The Postgraduate Medical Education office would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work and dedication in preparing for this most important event.  We look forward to welcoming the survey teams to Queen’s next week.

  • Be prepared!  It’s very important to read your program’s Pre-Survey Questionnaire (PSQ), which has been prepared and submitted to the College.  Request a copy from the Program Assistant.
  • For detailed information, download a copy of the General Standards of Accreditation at: