Accreditation Success!

Queen’s postgraduate medical education has received its most successful accreditation review in recent memory.

“The reviewers told us they were blown away by Queen’s. They complimented us virtually each and every time we met with them,” says Richard Reznick, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, and Director, School of Medicine.

The accreditation team of 20 physicians and educators conducted a detailed review of the teaching programs, inspected and analyzed the teaching sites, and examined the medical school and postgraduate medical office.

The team was most impressed by faculty members’ pride in being ‘Queen’s doctors’ and program directors’ energy, commitment and ‘parental view’ of responsibility to their residents. They praised faculty members’ creativity and the university’s cutting edge simulation efforts.

The accreditation team is recommending full approval to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the Canadian Family Physicians of Canada for 27 of Queen’s 29 programs. The two other programs will receive provisional approval.

Dr. Reznick credits the faculty, teachers, program directors and 10 partnering hospitals for the successful accreditation review. He also praised Ross Walker, Associate Dean, Postgraduate Education, and his team for the hard work they put in each day on behalf of the trainees.

Dr. Reznick shares his thoughts about the accreditation review on his blog.

Countdown to Postgraduate Accreditation Bulletins

August 22:            What is Accreditation?
August 29:            The Accreditation Process
September 6:       Categories of Accreditation
September 12:     Resident Involvement in Accreditation
September 19:     Queen's Accreditation Schedule
September 26:     Preparing for Next Week


CFPC Accreditation Schedule - 2011
RCPSC Accreditation Schedule - 2011



  • Be prepared!  It’s very important to read your program’s Pre-Survey Questionnaire (PSQ), which has been prepared and submitted to the College.  Request a copy from the Program Assistant.
  • For detailed information, download a copy of the General Standards of Accreditation at: