E-Letter of Appointment (eLOA)

When you log into the system you will first update your personal contact information. The next step will be to verify all details provided in the personalized letter of appointment. Confirm your acceptance of the Letter of Appointment.

If the details are not correct, do not accept the letter of appointment. Contact the Postgraduate Medical Education Office at pgme@queensu.ca or by calling (613) 533-2543.

When the letter of appointment is confirmed, you will be able to download a copy of the letter. After you have successfully completed all of the registration steps, you will receive an email copy of the letter of appointment.

The PGME office will receive a copy of the your letter of appointment once you have confirmed it in the system. The PGME Office will confirm your reappointment with the CPSO. Do not forward a copy of the letter as the CPSO will not accept it from you.