Time Commitment

The role of Program Director is a big one. A good PD is available and 'in touch' with his/her residents and aware of day-to-day issues which influence them.   Small and large programs alike require a lot of time and you'll need to review your schedule of other commitments to ensure that you will have time for:

  • Planning (every week)
  • Time to be available to meet with residents each week
  • Regular weekly meetings with the Chief Residents
  • Regular Residency Program Committee (RPC) meetings
  • Regular Postgraduate Medical Education Committee (PGMEC) meetings
  • Formal individual resident meetings (at least two per year, per resident)
  • Organizing and attending social events
  • Attending resident academic activities
  • Organizing resident evaluations/ interim exams
  • Corresponding with rotational supervisors and other PDs
  • Regularly reviewing:  
    • Resident Evaluations
    • Program/rotational evaluations
    • Selecting new residents