The Program Director, with the help of the RPC, is responsible:
  • To the PG Dean
    • To respond to the PG Dean and to attend PGMEC meetings
    • To prepare for accreditation
      • Every six years
      • Internal reviews during intervals
  • To the RCPSC
    • To respond appropriately to requests regarding documentation for examinations, evaluation report forms, program accreditation, specialty committee issues
  • To the Department
    • To be a resident advocate
    • To assign residents to services
    • To organize educational opportunities
  • To the Residents
    • To train them well in a positive environment

A program needs to provide career counseling and support for residents who are having academic or personal difficulty.  Some programs make available counselors or mentors with whom residents may confidentially discuss issues that they would rather not discuss formally with the Program Director.  Residents should also be aware that they may book appointments with:

There is a need to keep your Department involved and aware of the program though regular electronic, written, or verbal reports.  This will generate informed support for your initiatives and appreciation of your challenges and efforts.