Program Resources

Program Directors must critically assess their program resources and decide how to best use them to achieve the goals and objectives of training.  Our resources of patients, facilities, and faculty make each of our programs unique.  Clear objectives for rations can help optimize the use of limited and excessive resources.

The following resources must be considered:
  •  Patient mix
  • Inpatient/outpatient experience
  • Number of encounters/problems
  • Community-based practice opportunities
  • Clinical teaching/role modeling by faculty
  • Organization of CTUs
  • Organization of relevant specialty units
  • Suitability support services
  • Accessibility of resources (library/computer facilities/on-line access)

Program Directors should be honest about relative deficiencies, and do their best to provide compensation or alternatives.  Most programs are also challenged by too much of some patient material.  This repetitive service demand can inadvertently limit the breadth resident training by preventing experience in other areas and compromise the service:education ration.