Accreditation Without Certification Subspecialties
"Accreditation Without Certification" is a process whereby the RCPSC recognizes subspecialties for the purpose of accrediting programs, but does not offer examinations leading to certification in the designated subspecialty.

Assessment of Training
All applicants must have their residency training assessed by the RCPSC to ensure that the specialty specific training requirements have been met in a program that is recognized and approved by the RCPSC.

An elective is defined as a discretionary, non-mandatory component of training.

The RCPSC does not grant licenses to practice medicine. Applicants who intend to obtain a license to practice in one of the provinces or territories of Canada must hold appropriate registration with the provincial/territorial regulatory authority. Applicants should contact the provincial/territorial medical regulatory authority directly for more information.

Objectives of Training and Specialty Training Requirements
Each specialty and subspecialty recognized by the RCPSC has specific mandatory Objectives of Training and Specialty Training Requirements. Specific information about the objectives of training and specialty training requirements is available for each specialty and subspecialty.

RCPSC Certification Examinations
Applicants are ruled eligible to take the examinations leading to RCPSC certification if all of the criteria of eligibility and residency training requirements have been met. Candidates for the examinations must register with the RCPSC in order to take the examination.

The RCPSC has no reciprocal arrangements for recognizing examinations or qualifications of any other College or Board in any specialty or subspecialty. Applicants with certification from any other specialty or subspecialty examinations, College or Board, are not exempt from any of the requirements of the RCPSC.

A residency is a specialty training program that is completed after medical school. These programs offer supervised and specific training for the resident in their chosen specialty/subspecialty.

A ruling is a decision on examination eligibility only. Once the applicant's residency training has been assessed, the RCPSC will make a "ruling" (decision) on examination eligibility. The RCPSC retains the authority to review all applications for preliminary assessment of training on a case-by-case basis and to determine the ruling on examination eligibility. The RCPSC also retains the authority to withdraw acceptance of an applicant's credentials and/or require that an applicant complete additional training.

Specialist Certification
Certification in a specialty or subspecialty will be granted upon the satisfactory completion of all credentials, training, and examination requirements. The RCPSC certification confirms that specialist physicians and surgeons have met RCPSC standards and training requirements.