Transfers within Queen's

Internal Applications

  • Residents must have at least 6 months of residency in the discipline from which they request transfer.
  • Residents are encouraged to contact the Program Director of the discipline they are interested in and ensure they have exposure to the requested discipline.
  • Residents wishing to transfer programs should contact the Postgraduate Medical Education Office and arrange an appointment with Jordan Sinnett (Program Manager, PGME).  They will be advised of the transfer process and will be provided with an application to transfer that must be completed to officially begin the transfer process.  A signed application form authorizes the PGME office to release their application package including their evaluations, CV, and cover letter to the desired program.
  • PGY-1 transfer requests must be submitted to the PGME office by January 31 of each year. Completed applications will be forwarded to programs by February 10.
  • PGY 2, or higher, transfer requests may be considered at any time during the year.
  • An application to transfer does not guarantee that it will occur.  Issues regarding funding availability and program capacity must be considered.
  • After consultation with the PGME Office, the Program Director will inform the transfer applicant of acceptance/refusal by email, copying the PGME Program Manager. Ideally, decisions will be made by March 31 of each year.
  • If accepted for a transfer, the resident will be required to inform the Program Director of the home program that they have been accepted into another program and to determine whether a release from their present program is possible.  Due to rotation and call schedule requirements, both program directors must agree on the start/release date if other than July 1. 
  • The Program Director of the home program will provide the PGME Manager in writing of the decision to release the resident from their program, including the release date.
  • The Associate Dean, PGME, will be provided with all documentation and will either approve or decline the transfer.
  • The PGME office will issue a new Letter of Appointment.


  • Residents are encouraged to apply through the 2nd iteration of CaRMS.
  • Residents are encouraged to organize electives in the discipline they are interested in.
  • All discussions between the resident and the PGME office will remain strictly confidential until such time as the Program Director of the desired program wishes to make an offer of admission into that program.
  • Residents may not apply to transfer in the last three months of the academic year.
  • Residents are limited to one internal transfer per year.
  • Residents who have accepted an internal transfer are not eligible for an intra-provincial transfer within the same year.
  • Residents can be added to the intra-provincial transfer list if they are unsuccessful securing an internal transfer.
  • If a resident has applied to transfer but no decision has been made by the last three months of the academic year, the home Program Directormay be made aware of the application (this will be March 31). The resident will be informed if this is the case.
  • Program Directors are not obligated to accept residents who do not meet admission requirements, or are otherwise unsuitable.  Program Directors will only accept residents if there is capacity available in their program.  Program Directors are not obliged to release a resident from their program.
  • The Associate Dean, PGME, will determine if additional funding is available to fund the transfer (where applicable) for internal transfers. 

Download the Internal Transfer Application Form