Transfers to other universities in Ontario

External Transfers

  • Residents, in any PGY year, wishing to transfer to a program at another Ontario university should contact the Postgraduate Medical Education Office and arrange an appointment with Denise Jones (Program Manager, PGME).  They will be advised of the transfer process and will be provided with an application to transfer that must be completed to officially begin the transfer process.  Residents must provide a CV, cover letter, and their ITERS. A signed application form authorizes the PGME office to release this information to the desired program.  
  • Meetings to discuss provincial transfers may be requested after January 1st each year and applications must be submitted by March 1 each year.
  • Residents are encouraged to contact the Program Director of the desired program to express their interest.
  • Intra-provincial applications are reviewed and approved by the PGM:COFM, a postgraduate standing committee of the Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine comprised of all provincial Postgraduate Deans.  Decisions to forward applications are made in April after the results of the second iteration of the CaRMS match.
  • Direct and equal transfers are sought during this process and funding from Queen’s University is not normally released to another university.  If the desired university wishes to offer a place to a Queen’s resident, then that university must make the required funding available.
  • The Postgraduate Office will inform Queen’s PGME in writing of the decision to approve or decline the application to transfer.
  • The resident will be required to inform the Program Director of the home program that they have been accepted into another program and to negotiate a mutually acceptable release date, usually July 1 for the start of the new academic year.
  • The Program Director of the home program will provide the Manager in writing of the decision to release the resident from their program, including the release date.
  • The Associate Dean, PGME, will be provided with all documentation and will either approve or decline the transfer. The PGME office will keep a letter on file and will forward a letter to the PGME office at the accepting school.



  • All discussions between the resident and the PGME office will remain strictly confidential until such time as the Program Director of the desired program wishes to make an offer of admission into that program.
  • Program Directors are not obligated to accept residents who do not meet admission requirements.
  • Residents who have accepted an internal transfer in that year are not eligible for the intra-provincial list until the following year.
  • Residents who are offered an intra-provincial position may not stay on the list for consideration by another school.

Application for Queen's residents wishing to transfer to another university:
Download the Intra-Provincial Transfer Application

Application for residents at other universities wishing to transfer to Queen's:
Download the External Transfer Application