The Report

Prior to the review, a template will be distributed to the Chair to facilitate the preparation of a written report, which must include the strengths and weaknesses of the program and may include specific recommendations for continued development and improvements.  This report must be submitted to the Associate Dean no later than three weeks following the review.  Internal Review Reports will follow the templates from either the Blue Book (for RCPSC programs) or the Red Book (for CFPC programs).  The Report will be sent to the Program Director and Department Head, who will be invited to an Internal Review Sub-committee meeting at which the Chair will present the report.  This presentation will occur within two months of the review.

Internal review reports are deemed to be internal documents of the University.  However, reports of the internal review of all programs are to be provided to the survey team chair prior to the regular RCPSC/CFPC survey to enable the chair to assess the efficacy of the internal review process.  With the exception of those programs for which internal reviews have been mandated by the respective Accreditation Committee, internal review reports are not available for review by the surveyors at the time of a site visit and are not used by the College in making decisions regarding the accreditation status of individual programs.