Responsibilities - Program / Program Director

  • Contact colleagues from Ontario/Quebec to solicit interest in becoming an External Reviewer
  • Provide PGME Office with contact information for External Reviewer, including email address, mailing address, and phone number
  • Inform all involved faculty and residents of duties and responsibilities for upcoming review
  • Ensure availability of Department Head and Division Chair
  • Book rooms for the review
  • Arrange refreshment break and meal(s) for internal review team
  • Complete and submit four USB keys containing the Pre-Survey Documentation to the PGME office
  • Complete and submit the internal review agenda to the PGME office
  • Make available the following documentation to the review team on the morning of the review:
    • Residency Program Committee minutes
    • Examples of Resident Files
Download the Program Review Checklist.

Responsibilites - Postgraduate Medical Education Office

  • Contact External Reviewer to coordinate accommodation and travel arrangements
  • Arrange honorarium for External Reviewer ($750)
  • Reimburse External Reviewer for travel expenses
  • Write to Chief/Senior Residents asking for him/her to consult with residents and prepare a confidential critique of program
  • Prepare and provide documentation package to members of the Internal Review Team including:
    • List of Committee Members
    • Agenda for Review
    • RCPSC/CFPC Pre-Survey Documentation
    • Report of the last Review or Survey
    • RCPSC/CFPC Specialty Training Requirements
    • RCPSC/CFPC Specialty Goals and Objectives
    • RCPSC/CFPC General Standards of Accreditation
    • RCPSC/CFPC General Information Concerning Accreditation of Residency Programs
    • Resident Report
  • Distribute a report template to the Chair
  • Distribute copies of Report to Program Director and Department Head
  • Arrange for Chair to present the report at the Internal Review Sub-committee where the Program Director and Department Head will have the opportunity to respond