Preparing for the Internal Review


An agenda template will be provided to the program by the PGME Office. The Program will complete and return this agenda to the PGME Office.  Each program must also make the logistical arrangements for its own review. This includes a room booking, morning refreshments, and lunch.  Costs are the responsibility of the program.

Pre-Survey Questionnaires

In preparation for the Internal Review, each Program Director must complete the RCPSC/CFPC Pre-Survey questionnaires. These surveys assist the Program and the Review Team evaluate whether the standards of accreditation are being met.  After completion, the Pre-Survey documentation must be submitted to the PGME Office on four (4) USB keys.  PSQs may be obtained from the PGME Office; please contact Karen Spilchen, Program Coordinator, for further information.

Resident Report

The Chief/Senior Resident of the program being reviewed will be contacted by the PGME Office asking him/her to consult with residents in order to prepare a report of the program. This critique will be sent to the Associate Dean and will remain confidential, only being released to the Internal Review Team.

Review Team

Each Internal Review Team will be comprised of the following membership:

  • Chair
  • Resident Representative
  • External Reviewer
The Chair shall be a Program Director from another discipline.

The Resident Representative shall be a resident from another discipline.

The External Reviewer shall be a Program Director from another centre in Ontario/Quebec who does not have a conflict of interest and has a good knowledge of the specialty being reviewed.

Documents Provided

The Internal Review Team will be provided with the following information:

From the PGME Office prior to the meeting

  • List of committee members
  • Agenda
  • RCPSC/CFPC Status Letter, Site Survey Report, and Faculty Response
  • Pre-Survey Documentation (e.g., questionnaires, appendices, etc.)
  • Specific Standards, Objectives of Training, and Specialty Training Requirements
  • Resident Report
  • General Information Concerning Accreditation of Residency Programs
  • General Standards of Accreditation
  • College checklist
  • Template for Chair's Internal Review Report
From the Program on the morning of the meeting

  • Residency Program Committee minutes for previous two years
  • Examples of resident files
Each member of the Internal Review Team is required to review the provided documentation before the review.  This should take approximately one to three hours and the purpose is to ensure that the program is meeting the standards of accreditation and to prepare questions addressing these standards.