Kingston Housing and Cost of Living

One of the best advantages to life in Kingston is its lower cost of living.  The Queen's University Faculty Recruitment and Support Program has some excellent information available on Kingston's affordable living costs.

For those postgraduate residents hoping to purchase a house, the average price in 2012 was $272,000 for a detached house compared to $857,400 for Vancouver and $474,300 for Toronto.  Neighbourhoods are distinct, each with their own style and character. A detailed summary of each Kingston area is available from the City of Kingston's Neighbourhood Profiles website.

For renters, the average costs are $586 for a Bachelor apartment, $756 for a 1-bedroom, and $909 for a 2-bedroom apartment.  The Queen's Accommodation Listing Service is a great resource for members of the Queen's community. Run by the Queen's Community Housing Office at 169 University Avenue, the listing service is a good starting point for those trying to find rental accommodation in the city. Details are updated daily and available on-line. 

Housing options extend well beyond campus and there is no shortage of accommodation close to the University. In the area surrounding Queen's, students enjoy the intimacy and unique character of one of the city's most vibrant neighbourhoods. Apartments, houses, and student-owned cooperatives are all available throughout the Kingston area.

For additional information on housing in Kingston, please visit the Faculty Recruitment and Support Program's housing information website.