The CanMEDS Roles

Better standards, better physicians, better care

In 1996, the Royal College adopted an innovative framework for medical education called the CanMEDS Framework of essential physician competencies. Fundamentally, CanMEDS is an initiative to improve patient care. The focus of CanMEDS is on articulating a comprehensive definition of the competencies needed for medical education and practice. Today, the CanMEDS model for physician competence is being adapted around the world as well as in other professions.

The CanMEDS framework is organized around seven Roles: Medical Expert (central Role), Communicator, Collaborator, Health Advocate, Manager, Scholar and Professional. The CanMEDS competencies have been integrated into the Royal College's accreditation standards, objectives of training, final in-training evaluations, exam blueprints, and the Maintenance of Certification program.

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