Residents Currently Enrolled in Residency Training in Ontario

Required Documents

A residency trainee enrolled in one of the other five Ontario medial schools who wishes to take an elective under the supervision of a Queen’s University postgraduate program director/training program must submit the following documentation to the Queen’s University PGME Office:

Written permission from the Queen’s University program director to the Associate Dean, PGME acknowledging:

  • approval of the elective
  • inclusive dates of the elective
  • supervisor's name and location of elective
Written permission from current program director at the applicant’s home university acknowledging:

  • that the elective is being undertaken within the residency program;
  • the exact start and end date of the elective;
  • current status of the resident (year, program)
  • statement indicating elective is pat of resident’s current training program;
  • that funding for the elective will continue to flow from the home university program

Proof of resident's membership in Canadian Medical Protective Association (or equivalent malpractice insurance)

Proof of a valid Ontario Certificate for Postgraduate Education or Independent License (Ontario license)

Please note that the following Elective Registration Form must be submitted to the Postgraduate Medical Education Office.  Applications to Queen’s University postgraduate medical education for elective training must not exceed 6 months in duration. 

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