Meds student Joe Gabriel completes his ride

On June 5, I wrote about Queen’s Meds 2015 student Joe Gabriel and his ride across Canada. Joe was riding across Canada to benefit a series of 10 small charities (one in each province).

Well, Joe’s completed his ride. He’s in Halifax and has raised almost $3000.00 of the $10,000 he’d hoped for.

joe gabriel 3

Joe is a great example of the physician as advocate in action. He has taken on some extremely worthwhile focused causes that all contribute to quality of life of people in each province. From Native housing to recycling bikes for those in need to a music program for at-risk youth to pay-what-you-can transportation services for medical visits, Joe has taken the concept of determinants of health and made them real. Here are descriptions of all 10 charities that Joe was riding for:

We here at Queen’s Undergraduate Medical Education support Joe and are donating to his causes. Can Joe count on you too?

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  1. Joe: this is a great achievement. I am also a bit envious having wanted to do this trip when I was in Medical School here (although with less altruistic motivations than you). I did finally make the cross country ride (but behind the wheel of a car). Please put me down for a donation (can you please contact Jen Valberg by email with details as to how to…All the best Stephen Archer, Head of Medicine

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