First Annual Med/Law Games

This report comes from Ellen Miles,Women’s Athletic Stick.  

On February 7th, 2014 the faculties of Medicine and Law came together on a Friday afternoon for the first annual Med-Law Games. The first of its kind here at Queen’s, Med-Law Games was designed by a committee of students from both faculties to foster inter-professional competition while raising funds for local charities.  


The event was hosted by our two emcee’s Craig Lynch (Meds, 2017) and Naheed Yaqubian (Law, 2016) who entertained the crowd while the two faculties competed in 4 sports over the course of the afternoon. Friends watched from the sidelines, with baked goods and raffle tickets in hand.

It was an exciting day for QMED onlookers, starting out with a strong showing from the Meds Volleyball team made up of Daniel You (2016), Mike Baxter (2016), Trevor Morey (2017), Nick Latham (2017), Michael Yang (2016), Jocelyn Boyley (2017), Jillian Cottreau (2017), Cassy Graham (2016), Allie Engelhardt (2016) and Lydia Farnell (2017).  Things took a turn however, with the Faculty of Law coming out on top in dodge-ball. The day continued to favour the law students, with strong performance in both soccer and basketball, ultimately winning the tournament.

DSCF5857DSCF5857Though our egos were bruised, QMeds should take pride in our fundraising efforts headed up by Alana Fleet (2017), where we managed to raise over $3300 which will be donated to the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario. Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped bring this event together, the athletes for putting on a good show, and everyone who came out to support their friends.


See you all next year!

–          Ellen Miles (Women’s althetic stick), Kevin Morash (Men’s althetics stick), Alana Fleet (VP External Jr.)

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