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Two former Queen’s medical students, Thomas R. Cawthorn, MD and Curtis Nickel, MD, of the recently graduated class of Meds 2013 conducted ultrasound education research during their time as students at Queen’s School of Medicine.   They worked with Dr. Michael O’Reilly, Dr. Henry Kafka, and Dr.  Amer M. Johri, of Queen’s and Dr. James W. Tam, of Winnipeg.  Their results have been … Continue reading

Next, Thursday, April 17, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., Queen’s Medical students are giving another in the Queen’s Medicine Health Talks for the public. This time, the topic is Nutrition and Dr. Cathy Ferri, PhD, Nutritional Physiology, will field questions after the talk. The talk is given in Room 132 of the School of Medicine Building at 15 Arch Street. … Continue reading

On Feb. 20, 2014, as part of the Queen’s Medical Health Talks, a group of first year students gave a lecture to the community about heart health one of a planned series, with the next coming up March 27.  It was a terrific presentation and the students had obviously worked very hard at putting the medical expertise together.  I learned … Continue reading

This week, I invited Libby Alexander, Research Assistant in the Office of Health Sciences Education to talk about what she and Dr. Leslie Flynn have been working on to provide our faculty with new learning about qualitative research.  Here’s what Libby wrote to us: I am not a health professional but probing people is a key part of what I … Continue reading

I’d like to devote this blog article to our students and learners in our program.  They’ve been on my mind a lot lately for different reasons. For example, Matthew Church, Meds 2015 was recently a Jeopardy star,, Karen Chung Meds 2016 is a volunteer star, and Sophie Palmer, Meds 2017, is a writing star.  (Her winning entry for … Continue reading

How we do what we do. One of the greatest challenges we face in the accreditation process is convincing the outside world that we’re actually doing what we claim to be doing.  Accrediting councils and review teams, themselves made up of medical school Deans and Associate Deans, are well aware of the needs and challenges involved in recruiting committed and … Continue reading

Happy New Year!  Our indispensable Special Curriculum Assistant, Alice Rush-Rhodes has put together 3 items in MEdTech Central that will save you time, and help you in your teaching. Included are links to more detailed instructions.  If you have any questions please comment below. This information is excerpted from the MEdTech Features page of the Faculty Resources community found here.  … Continue reading

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I’d seek out some extra special gifts for teaching our meds students.   Here are some great ideas to make 2014’s teaching even better! I’m sending you these, from the UG Educational Team,  with a wish for peace-filled and joyful holidays with family and friends . First gift:  A way to find out what … Continue reading

When are Medical Students ready to decide? Medical students begin their studies believing they have decided upon and achieved their career path, and can now devote their energies and attention to advancing that goal.  They soon learn that even greater and more complex decisions lay ahead.  The process of career selection has become a major cause of concern and stress … Continue reading

On Nov. 6, a band of intrepid medical educators from Queen’s travelled to Philadelphia to attend the Association of American Medical Colleges’ annual meeting. Attending sessions from Nov. 6 to 10, Dr. Renee Fitzpatrick, Dr. John Drover, Dr. Laura McEwen, (Assessment Specialist in Post Grad), Ulemu Luhanga (a doctoral candidate working as a research assistant with Laura), Eleni Katsoulas (our … Continue reading