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Queen’s Nursing accreditation: highest designation possible!

CASN-ACESII am delighted to share some great news…Queen’s School of Nursing has just received the highest designation possible in its accreditation review. Queen’s Nursing has been granted seven years for the four-year and two-year undergraduate programs – and for the academic unit. This means no interim reports need to be submitted and the School will hold the designation until 2020.

Like most of our programs in the Faculty, the School of Nursing is required by a professional body (College of Nurses of Ontario) to be periodically accredited, in this case for all pre registration entry to practice programs by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN).  The process involves a lot of a hard work by faculty, staff and leadership: an extensive self-study of each program and of the academic unit and a two to three day site visit and a written report submitted to the CASN Bureau.  Then there is the inevitable (and some might say interminable) waiting period as the board of the Bureau makes the final decision.

This outstanding result sends a powerful message about the excellent academic quality and rigor of the programming in the School of Nursing. It is an endorsement of sound management and governance of the School.

Most of all, it is a crystal clear reflection of the hard work and dedication of director and vice-dean, Jenny Medves, and the faculty and staff in the School of Nursing: all of whom deserve to take a bow for their hard work. Congratulations to you all!

With the School of Nursing accreditation complete, all of our programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences remain fully accredited for the next cycle. This completes what seems like nearly three years under the microscope.

Accreditation is not an easy process, by any means. It is however, an important one, particularly so in the healthcare professions.  As the CASN website states… “An institution that has sought and received accreditation of its program(s) by an official accrediting agency provides the public with a measure of assurance of the quality, outcomes, and value of its program(s).”

If you have any comments that you would like to share about Queen’s School of Nursing, please respond to this blog, or better yet, drop by my office at the Macklem House…my door is always open.



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  1. Thomas F Draper MD says:

    Congratulations to the Queens School of Nursing! What is the historical relationship between the Queens School of Nursing program and that which was sponsored by the Kingston General Hospital? I believe that the KGH program may have been one of the earliest in Canada.
    T. Draper Meds ’55

    • reznickr says:

      Thank you dr. Draper. We are very proud of our School of Nursing and its history

      • Pat Prentice says:

        The School of Nursing at KGH was a hospital-sponsored and based school, like many others in Ontario at the time, but not since the jurisdiction moved to community colleges.. Queen’s then and now a university program , which uses various hospitals ands and health care centres for planned clinical experience, as do the community college based schools of nursing. I am a graduate of Queen’s School of Nursing, with a good chunk of my clinical work based at Kingston’s Hotel Dieu Hospital, another historical school affiliated with Queens’s as a provider of clinical experience/. At other centres., I often had KGH students as fellow students and colleagues. I’m sure Dr. Draper had classmates who interned at Hotel Dieu

        My sister also a Queen’s Nursing Science graduate. is a graduate of Montreal General Hospital.
        Congratulations to my alma mater!
        Pat Prentice. Nursing Science ’59.

        • reznickr says:

          Pat, thanks so much for your comments,and the reminder of our history. It is so good to hear from our alumni, and so delighted that you have fond memories of your experiences.


          • Thomas F Draper, MD, MPH says:

            As a student intern at the Hotel Dieu in 1953 and at the KGH in 1954 I have the highest regard for the nursing programs associated with both institutions. But the KGH program which I believe began in 1886 may have been one of the earliest established in Canada. It would be fascinating to learn something of the nursing education in those early days, the source of the student body and perhaps what may have become of those pioneer graduates.
            I wonder if there might be any recorded history of those early years that might be “Blog Worthy”.

            Tom Draper, Meds ’55
            Newtown, Ct

          • reznickr says:

            Dear Dr.Draper,

            I certainly agree with you about the quality of the nursing staff at our hospitals. I have seen, first hand, just how great the care is. I like your suggestion about this possible blog topic and will do some research along with discussing it with our Director of nursing.


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