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Insidermedicine meets ICACBR

Sanjay Sharma M.D., a Professor of Ophthalmology at Queen’s, along with some colleagues, has developed a very successful company focused on knowledge transfer using innovative media. The company, Insidermedicine, “is a physician-led news and knowledge-translation initiative that allows patients, doctors and medical students to keep up on the latest medical information by watching our unique videos that are created each and every weekday by our team of medical experts.” 1 Insidermedicine is now taking knowledge translation to the next level by creating digital content for Canadian medical researchers and disseminating it through various social media channels.

Recently Sanjay, Vice Dean of Research Roger Deeley, and I met to explore a pilot project with Insidermedicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences. We decided to highlight one of our longstanding programs at Queen’s, ICACBR an acronym for The International Centre for the Advancement of Community Based Rehabilitation. Led by Malcolm Peat, a Professor in our School of Rehabilitation Therapy, this organization has had a remarkable success as an entity “committed to mainstreaming disability and advancing the concept of community based rehabilitation”. Over the years it has had projects in Bangladesh, Kosovo, Boznia-Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Mushkegowuk Territory, Ontario, and many others.2 ICACBR has a long history of partnering with CIDA and other organizations to further its important work.

So what does ICACBR do? Well, the purpose of this blog is to illustrate how we can couple the creativity of Sanjay’s company with the vision of Malcolm Peat’s center.

And here it is: just click. This 5 minute video will give you a glimpse into two issues. The first is a wonderful explanation of some of the great work that Malcolm and his colleagues do at ICACBR. The second is seeing a wonderful example of the power of technology coupled with the innovative and creative thinking of individuals like those at Insidermedicine.

If you have any comments on creative ways of transferring knowledge, or have thoughts about the work of the Centre, respond to this blog…or better yet, please stop by the Macklem House, my door is always open. Also, Sanjay and his team are very interested in collaborating with other medical researchers to ensure that patients and healthcare workers understand how research findings can be translated into evidence-based medical care.




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  1. Fred Moffat says:

    Dear Richard

    Hope this finds Cheryl, your family and you in good health and enjoying a wonderful summer. We’ve had an eventful time with Tropical Storm Isaac visiting us through the weekend and now innundating New Orleans on the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Hopefully the levies fare better now than then – it is a fabulous city with wonderful people who do not deserve this kind of trouble!!

    Will be coming to Queen’s Sept. 27-30 for 35th reunion (Meds ’77). Have to catch a flight 10:00 am Sunday back to Miami but hope to say hello to you all while there.

    Jenny sends her love, kids well. Schuyler temporarily evicted from his digs on Davis Island in Tampa because of the Republican Convention. Yeesh!



    • reznickr says:

      Fred, how wonderful to hear from you and that you are returning to Queen’s that weekend.
      Cheryl will be off to England with Gabe as he will be starting a masters program in government at University of Essex. I will be in Kingston the whole weekend so we can hook up for sure.


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