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Graduating medical students' letter to the editor

Published Thu May 19th 2016

Published in the Kingston Whig Standard, May 19, 2016

Thank you, Kingston

Dear Kingstonians,

Today, we owe you our most heartfelt thank you.

We, the Queen's Medicine Class of 2016, would not be able to graduate today without you. For the past four years, you have shared your lives with us, allowing us to take part in some of your most personal and private moments.

Time and time again, you have said yes when asked if you were comfortable with a medical student taking part in your care. You entrusted us to learn our profession with you at times when you have been most vulnerable. We have been there from the moment a life is welcomed into your family to the final moments before another comes to an end. Whether it's been in the classroom, hospital, clinic or your home, we are truly grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of your care.

We are also thankful for your support, for you have been our teachers, too. In our first year, you let us know what you valued in conversation with a doctor, you gave us pointers on our clinical examination skills in second year, and provided us feedback on our bedside manner in our final years. Whether we worked with you for minutes, days or years, you continually helped shape the clinicians we are set to become.

With your generosity, you have helped teach us both the complexities of how to treat an illness and the importance of how to care for patients. Through hearing your stories, we know better the challenges a patient faces and the ways we must work with you and other health-care professionals to solve them. You have shown us that matters of health affect all of us differently and that even if we don't have the answers, we can always start down the right path by asking you, "How can I help?"

For the past four years, you have thanked us at the end of each interaction. Now as we become doctors for the rest of our lives, please know that each time a patient thanks us, they are also thanking you.

Thank you, Kingston.

Graydon Simmons and Sean Henderson

on behalf of the Queen's Medicine Class of 2016