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Medical school to welcome five new international students

Published Fri Apr 29th 2016

Dean Richard Reznick is excited to announce that Queen’s School of Medicine will welcome up to five international students into its new International Student Undergraduate Medical Program beginning September 2016. The International Student Undergraduate Medical Program is the international student stream within the School of Medicine's existing undergraduate medical program.

While long known across Canada for providing students with an extensive, solid clinical foundation, the Queen's School of Medicine is pleased to share this excellent educational opportunity with five high-achieving international students. The International Student Undergraduate Medical Program also contributes to the university’s internationalization priorities. The goal is to select students from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities.

These five international students (non-Canadian citizens or non-permanent residents) are in addition to the 100 spaces Queen’s School of Medicine reserves for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. For application details and deadlines associated with the program, please click here.