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Women's Giving Circle

Published Fri Sep 18th 2015

You don’t need to be a clinician scientist to help spark amazing healthcare discoveries. A group of caring, inquisitive women are making a big difference in medical research through their participation in the University Hospital Kingston Foundation’s (UHKF) Women’s Giving Circle.

Through research, discoveries are made into new ways to diagnose and treat disease. That’s why the Women’s Giving Circle has a mandate to raise funds for locally-driven patient-centered research. Since the first group of WGC members met in 2011, research projects into areas related to aging, cancer, heart disease, pain management and more. Close to $80,000 has been provided to spark local discoveries.

Members are invited to attend three special luncheons every year – to hear pitches from clinical leaders into areas to fund local research, to award the funds to selected recipients and hear more about their specific research areas, and to learn about discoveries made through WGC-funded initiatives in the past. In addition, WGC members are also invited to special clinical tours and other events throughout the year.

A special membership fee of $250 annually is offered to members under the age of 40. Call (613) 549-5452 or visit www.uhkf.ca/giving/womensgivingcircle for more details.