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Become a Patient Safety Trainer

Published Wed Jun 24th 2015

The Master of Science in Healthcare Quality program, Queen’s University, along with The Canadian Patient Safety Institute, are excited to offer the “Become a Patient Safety Trainer” conference to clinical teams from Canadian healthcare organizations and to members of healthcare faculty.

With an emphasis on creativity and excellence in educational techniques, the PSEP – Canada conference is delivered by well-respected quality and patient safety healthcare professionals and educators from across Canada and focuses on:

  • How to teach and implement patient safety
  • Scientific methods for improving safety
  • Organizational culture and dealing with change
  • Understanding teamwork
  • Moving beyond blame to systems thinking
  • Applying human factors in the workplace
At the end of the conference, participants will leave as certified PSEP – Canada trainers. Trainers will be equipped with a comprehensive patient safety curriculum which can be easily embedded to your organization’s current education, patient safety and quality practices.  For more information visit:  Patientsafetyinstitute.ca