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Canadian Physician Health Institute: Special Projects Fund now available

Published Wed Apr 3rd 2013

The Canadian Physician Health Institute is a national program focused on promoting physician mental health and wellness. Created by the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Foundation, the Institute works with and through partners, to share information and build knowledge around the issues related to physician mental health. To learn more, please visit our temporary website at www.cphi-icsm.ca ― we are continuing work on the main website while the competition for Special Projects funds gets underway.

The fund is designed to support the promotion of physician health and wellness at the national level. We are encouraging submissions from a wide range of proponents including researchers, students, advocacy organizations, practicing physicians, residents, PhD students, educators, physician health programs and others. There is $300,000 available to be awarded this spring through a peer-review process; the exact number of proposals to be funded will be determined through the assessment process.

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