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John Austin Society - Medical History Lecture Series

Published Wed Oct 3rd 2012

Residents are invited to attend the John Austin Society's Medical History Lecture Series.  The first lecture is entitled "Key Opinion Leaders:  Choreographing The Pharmaceutical Two-Step".  The pharmaceutical industry uses some physicians, called key opinion leaders or KOLs, as intermediaries to influence prescribing physicians. The KOL concept is owed in part to the work of sociologist Paul Lazarsfeld and his students, studying the influence of mass media on voting behaviour. In this presentation, I introduce that history in order to show how the pharmaceutical industry has successfully established a structure of influence it can use.

The first lecture will be presented by Dr. Sergio Sismondo on October 11th from 5:30-6:30pm at the University Club, 168 Stuart Street. Details of the 2012/2013 lecture series are available here.